Sacramento has a lot to offer

Sacramento may be the capital of California and it has a lot to offer tourists by means of attractions, hotels, dining, shopping and much more.


Sacramento has an abundant history within the development of California and was once certainly one of its largest cities, second only to bay area. During the 1800s, Sacramento was a primary destination for pioneers hunting for a fresh life in the West.

The population really exploded in 1849 after gold was discovered at Sutter’s Mill on the nearby American River. Sacramento became the main distribution hub for gold and commodities throughout the Gold Rush while the western terminus associated with the transcontinental railroad. It really is situated at the confluence associated with American and Sacramento Rivers, that has been very theraputic for trade but additionally flooded the town on occasion. The 2 most prominent attractions are Old Sacramento in addition to California State Capitol.

Old Sacramento is a California State Park located west of downtown regarding the Sacramento River. Old Sac is a preserved part of the first city through the Gold Rush era. It rivals any gold mining town along Highway 49 with its historic buildings, train station and attractions. Old Sac features more than six blocks of shops, restaurants, museums and more. A restored riverboat offers the sole option for overnight remain in the park and also features a restaurant, bar & grill and 2 theatres.

The Sacramento Southern Excursion Train entertains visitors with a 6-mile, 40-minute-long train ride along the Sacramento River levee in vintage train cars. Hop aboard a Hornblower ship for a Sacramento River cruise which includes passing under a drawbridge.

Museums in Old Sac seo sacramento company, history museums, a railroad museum and auto museum. Visitors enjoy walking the wooden sidewalks, shopping in the unique stores and taking horse-drawn carriage rides all over town.

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